Why Be a Sister With Us


1. TO FULFILL YOUR SPECIFIC CALL FROM GOD: God Almighty, maker of heaven and earth, has a very special plan for each one of our lives, a plan that will fulfill His holy purposes, and which will make each one of us a blessing to the world that He has made and will give us marvelous meaning, purpose and joy. He may be calling you to be a Sister with Christ Church SOS.


2. TO LIVE A LIFE CENTERED ON JESUS CHRIST: Serving the Lord as a Sister will allow you to live a life with God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, at the absolute center, day in and day out, in th peaceful setting of the convent. Your days will be divided into a very meaningful schedule of prayer, study, work, creativity and silence, and most importantly, missionary and evangelistic work bringing the blessed gospel of Jesus Christ to those in need.


3. TO CHANGE THE WORLD: You will have the blessed opportunity to really make a difference in the lives of others, those who are suffering in many ways in this life, each and every day. Countless individuals live lives of physical, spiritual, mental and emotional suffering and decline, and you will bring them the joy and strength of the Gospel. You will also pray deeply for the members, friends, benefactors and volunteers of Christ Church SOS and will have an opportunity to use all of your gifts and talents to praise and glorify God and literally change the world.


4. TO SHOW CHRISTIAN UNITY: You will have the unique opportunity to be a shining example of love and compassion in a brand-new form as individuals from different Christian backgrounds and denominations join together and work side by side on a daily basis, bringing strength, meaning and new hope to hurting individuals and families.


5. TO PREACH THE GOSPEL: Each and every day of your life will be filled with meaning and purpose as you specifically bring the blessed Gospel of Jesus Christ to those in need. Everyone needs Jesus Christ, even if people are not aware of that need, thus your life will be a blessing to the very Kingdom of God.


6. TO LIVE THE UNIQUE AND SPECIAL MONASTIC LIFE: You will take part in a life that began in Bible days when individuals totally devoted themselves to God and sought Him in the context of living in community, taking vows, and denying self in order to give everything they had and are to Jesus Christ. You too will give everything you have to Jesus Christ, the Lord and Savior of all humanity and the Son of the Living God and your life will thus receive incredible meaning and purpose.