In a nutshell, as a Church Without Walls, Christ Evangelical Church SOS is a Mobile, Christian, Ecumenical, Missionary, Evangelistic Endeavor and Religious Order.  

We are Mobile in that we meet at many locations, to offer ministry to as many individuals as possible and to also share in and support the ministry of other churches and ministry organizations as together we serve our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  

We are Christian because Jesus Christ is the center and purpose of all that we do.

We are Ecumenical because each and every Christian denomination has unique and beautiful gifts to offer to the suffering and together we can offer so much strength and joy and peace and solace to those in need.

We are Missionary in that, due to age, disability and illness many individuals are no longer able to attend church and therefore the church must go out into the world to them.

We are Evangelistic because Jesus Christ is the Lord and Savior of all humanity and the Son of the Living God and our only purpose is to share Him with the world.

We are a Religious Order because we believe that God is calling us to include in our ministry in His Name classic monastic communities of what we call Servant Shepherds..  Down through the centuries and around the world there have been and continue to be individuals dedicated to Christ in the very special way of living a life of complete prayer and work and study in Christ's Name.  We now offer this opportunity to any who might feel thise very blessed call from Almighty God.

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