Unique Ministries We Offer To the Worldwide Church

At Christ Evangelical Church SOS we understand that all of us suffer in this life, that all of us face hardships and difficulties and temptations, even as we also experience many joys and blessings.  Therefore we seek to offer a number of unique ministries to members of all Christian denominations in the worldwide church, to assist us all as we journey through life.  These gifts include:

Classical Retreats and Quiet Days

Bible Studies

Items of faith, fun and comfort for sale, including books and literature

and our ministry to and through animals. 

In addition, we offer four special gifts to the worldwide church.  They are as follows: 

First, we are completely committed to the Biblical teaching that we are all one body in Christ, thus members of all Christian denominations are welcome to serve in our ministry, as all Chrisitan denominations have unique and special gifts to offer to those in need.

Secondly, we minister to ths suffering in Christ's Name, offering not just comfort and consolation but Jesus Christ Himself to those in need, recognizing that we all have two things in common; we are created by and loved by God and are thus called to serve others in Christ's Name, and we all suffer in this life, in one way or another and thus need each other.

Thirdly, we are looking forward to offering the beautiful gift of classic Monasticism to all,  Protestants as well as those who already hold this tradition, recognizing the tremendous blessing that monasticism has been to the world down through the ages and around the world today.  Plans are coming together to offer our first intentional community, called a Shepherd House.  If you feel led in this direction by our dear Lord and Savior Jesus Christ we would love to hear from you so we can share our vision with you.

And ultimately, we pledge that all that we do is focused on and dedicated to God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  We are completely committed to the blessed truth that Jesus Christ is Lord of all and thus all human beings need Him.  Thus, all that we do literally proclaims Jesus Christ as Lord.  More than doing good work in His Name, we constantly glorify His Name and raise it up in prayer and praise.