Who Will Your Flock Be

It’s hard to put into words the experience of bringing the beautiful Gospel of Jesus Christ to those in need; to look into the eyes of someone whose body is wracked with pain and deformity but whose face is filled with smiles and love; or to look into eyes filled with emptiness and black despair and know that you have the words that can make a difference; or to hear words of gratitude from a completely bed bound individual that you took the time to visit, while at the same time hearing cries of fear and anguish come from the next room; or to sing Christmas Carols to a group of smiling people knowing that for some of them this is all the Christmas they will get; or to read the Bible to a group of people who cannot physically respond in any way yet you know in some small way they are hearing you; or to see your handmade card or palm cross adorning the bedside table of someone you know has no other visitors…… You may feel unsure or overwhelmed with the suffering that you see but you can rest in the sure and certain knowledge that you are blessing another person’s life, that you are doing the most beautiful thing that anyone of us can ever do, and that is to bring light and hope to another human being who is experiencing a time of darkness and pain. And you will be amazed how doing for others in this manner makes you feel deeply moved and deeply wonderful. For you are personally fulfilling Christ’s call to love one another as He has loved you, as He has loved us.